Bathroom Oasis

Most rooms in a home are easily contributed to interior design. Bathrooms are the one room in a home that must be all about function. While it may be difficult to develop a functional space that remains chic, this space is one that is an addition to your style and aesthetic. Here are a few tips to create that functional bathroom oasis you have been looking for.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Vanity Decor

Set these items directly on your vanity or shelving in the bathroom. Group these tchotchkes in groups of three or five to main consistency. You can even add these items in a tray for easy removal or to elevate the level of décor. Anything between jars filled with Q-Tips and cotton balls, bath soaps and salts, or a plant will do the trick to add emphasis to your vanity.


Showcase your personality with some artwork. While we want this space to remain chic have some fun with it! Adding floating shelves with baskets to store toilet paper is a good idea and add some greenery to allow for a refreshed space and inviting vibe. Wallpaper can go a long way in a bathroom and adds for some extra vibrancy. Check out my previous blog for all things wallpaper!

Linens & More

Linens, shower curtains, and bath mats should maintain simplicity and create a sleek look. To create a vibrant space, opt for patterned soft surfaces. There are so many ways to use these in order to develop a space that is your own!

Photo by Monstera via Pexels

These are just a few tips on how to create your own bathroom oasis. If you enjoyed this read give it a like and check out “42 Bathroom Essentials that Elevate Your Space in Style” for more tips on developing the best bathroom.

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