Maintaining Creativity in Interior Design

Creativity plays a huge role in interior design from designing homes, offices, and other functional spaces. Taking on a great deal of projects boosts opportunities and can strengthen your skill set immensely. Creating an attractive space expresses your personal disposition by bringing inanimate objects to life. Design truly pulls the creative gene and allows a value based meaning to shine through.

Photo by Lisa Fotios via Pexels

Maintaining creativity can be a difficult task to achieve on a day to day basis especially in a field that calls for it constantly. Continue to learn and gain knowledge in specific topics to assist in developing a more creative mind. Interior design is an art, one that develops character and functionality in a given space. There is a deeper meaning to this art besides choosing paint color or the best couch for an individuals living room, but developing a story with every design.

To achieve a boosted creative mind, absorb what is around you and develop it in your own unique way. Indulge yourself into different things that push your comfort zone to spark that creativity you didn’t know you had. Its important to push yourself out of what you are used to, because this develops an enhanced skill set that will continue to grow you and your creativity. Take risks, so what if you fail, you have still taken another step towards being that much more creative – have you ever heard the phrase “trial by fire” I highly consider using it, otherwise you will never know what you’re capable of!

Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

There are so many ways to boost and maintain creativity, but there is no better way to do so than taking risks and continuing education. Knowledge is power and the more an individual gains, the more their mind will wander to new heights that improves the creative gene. Interior design offers a constant learning base of who you are through your expressive character stemming from one’s individual creativity. Let’s make those spaces come to life with our own unique creative genes!

If you enjoyed this read give it a like and let me know what sparks your creative gene below! Check out my previous blog “7 Elements of Design” to dive deeper into interior design and what can enable creativity.

3 thoughts on “Maintaining Creativity in Interior Design

  1. Hi Lexi! This is a great post and your blog makes me want to redesign the spaces in my home. It is so important to be creative. I liked when you said “Take risks, so what if you fail, you have still taken another step towards being that much more creative.” I often hold myself back, due to the fear of failure. Thanks for encouraging me to be more creative!


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