Designing the Best at Home Office

Working from home has become the new trend. Most individuals have designed their home office to be both functional and stylish for that 9am-5pm. Now more than ever it is time to get used to working from home and revisit how your work space can fit into your home by making it organized, chic, and a motivating space to spend time.

Photo by ergonofis on Unsplash

Center of Attention

The desk is indeed the center of attention within your at home office so it must be right. This piece will dominate the room and will be where you are posted all day long. Even when space is limited it is still important to choose a piece that is nice looking to set an ambiance. While maintaining function is important having a versatile work station is key. Maintaining balance while working from home allows an individual to “leave their work at work” so choose a piece that will allow you to store any extra paperwork away and really let it be part of a living space. While you’re at it pick out a chair too!

Lighting for Looks

Skip the standard office lighting in your office space and opt for lighting that develops a good ambiance in your home office. There are many lighting possibilities to implement such as chandeliers, pendants, along with table lights, and wall lights. Check out my previous blog post “7 Elements of Design” for lighting tips. Adding lighting to your home office can create a well put together environment and add décor.

Points of Interest

While this may be a place for work it does not mean it has to be a dull space. Adding artwork and tchotchkes will make your space come to life and add a personal touch. Check out my previous blogs “Inanimate Objects Can Make Your Space Come to Life” and “Your Guide to Wall Art” for more tips on how to decorate your home office. Implementing these personal touches will create a more inviting space for your home office.

Developing an at home office can be difficult, especially when working with both functionality and chicness. These are just a few tips on how to create the best space and keep that 9am-5pm stylish. If you enjoyed this read give it a like and comment your favorite reasons why working from home is beneficial!

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