Cozy Lofts

Lofts are desirable for so many reasons from the open layouts to the high ceilings. Even though lofts have great features they also present some challenges such as creating privacy, guaranteeing visual flow, and décor in general so your space has life instead of exemplifying a dark hole. Don’t fret, we have got your loft design covered. Below you will find some tips how to create your cozy loft!

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

Keep it Neutral

A neutral color scheme will maintain a flow throughout the loft. Use materials that will not distract from the main living areas and all appliances and features are unified. Natural wood floating shelves will offer good flow and allow a modern sleek design in the space. Offering these type of design tactics will allow your loft to be functional.

Install Interior Glass

Adding interior glass can separate your bedroom from the living area creating a private space. Installing this will not only offer privacy but will maintain an open feel even though a portion has been closed off. You will want glass doors that go all the way up to the ceiling so it keeps that open look and will accentuate the height of the loft. Add some curtains for extra privacy, but keep them neutral!

Add Some Pop

Don’t be afraid to add color even in a small space. Vibrant tones can liven a loft without overwhelming the space or creating inconsistency. Allowing your space to add some pop will show your expressive personality and allow the space to have character.

Designing a loft can be difficult because of minimal space. Using these tips can offer good function throughout your space and really make it come to life!

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3 thoughts on “Cozy Lofts

  1. Brilliant post, Lexi. Lofts at times can be tricky to decorate but your image and advice are absolutely grand. Pop color is a great way of directing the eyes and helping make the room feel bigger. Great tips!


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