Your Guide to a Stylish Entryway

Entry ways are the first thing guests see when they walk through your door. So make it a good one! This is the place where you can be expressive and really set the tone for the rest of the home. A well organized and eye catching entry way can make your home feel more inviting. In order to add a lot of style and maintain function in your entry way follow some of my favorite tips to do so.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Use Color

Pick out a color that will be a total show stopper. Whether the color is blue, pink, green, or even white make that entry way have some life! This will add character to the space and catch the human eye as individuals enter your home. You don’t necessarily have to paint the walls, instead you can add décor that has a consistent color to add vibrancy.

Custom Builds

Adding custom builds such as, a bench is another way to make your entry way impactful. Cover the wall in wallpaper behind the bench to give it some pop and break up the white space. My previous post “Wallpaper is Making a Comeback” can offer in depth tips on what style to choose. Throw in some slim side tables to add extra décor to pull the space together!

Choose a Statement Rug

Implementing a rug will add personality and definitely make a statement as guests arrive. Depending on the space choose colors in the rug that will compliment your space well and tie everything together nicely.

Save Space with Style

If you have the space for it add a console table in your entry way. This will allow you to decorate this piece with all your favorite knick knacks and tchotchkes to brighten the space. This can also be used as a storage space for keys and other here’s and there’s. Add décor that will allow for good stylish presentation.

Entry ways can be tricky due to the awkward space available. Use these tips to create a spectacular space for you and your guests.

If you enjoyed this read give it a like. Check out “Shop my Brooklyn Entry Way” for more décor tips in your entry way.

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