The Perfect Man Cave

Every man appreciates his alone time kicking back, watching sports, and drinking a beer. However, not every man has their own hideaway to kickback and chill out. A man cave is the perfect place to relax and why not add some games, food, beer and enough space for multiple of your friends. While it can be rather expensive to create this man cave with décor, television, games, furniture, and so much more it does not have to take a toll on your wallet. Start off with basic designs and pick a theme to better assist you. Let’s dive into a few possible themes you could design.

Bar Theme

Instead of leaving the comfort of your home to grab a drink at the bar why not bring the bar to you. You do not have to do much decorating with this theme or include a ton of furniture. Design the full bar of your dreams and stock with your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages – all you need are shelves and coolers to store, an area to mix drinks, and a bar top to enjoy! Check out my previous blog “The Interior Design Process” to see the structure for this design process. In this space you can even add a pool table to play while you’re enjoying a cocktail!

Photo by Jolene Hardy on Unsplash

Historical Theme

If you’re looking for that real man cave (emphasis on the cave) the historical theme might be what you’re looking for. Decorate with historical paintings and use glass cases to showcase artifacts that have meaning behind them. Paint the walls brown or tan and add medieval fixtures to give a darker toned feel. Install a book shelf to store movies, magazines, and books – consider adding a large wooden pool table for entertainment purposes. Lastly, create an at home wine cellar where you can store your favorite wines and enjoy as you please!

Sports Theme

This theme is a true classic for the man cave! Adding a couch and a large TV are really all you need for those sports lovers. Throw in some sports décor around the space whether it be baseball, football, basketball, or soccer memorabilia. Include some vintage sports pieces or a ping pong table for extra entertainment and don’t forget that mini fridge filled with beverages of your choice!

Photo by via Pexels

There are so many ways to create the man cave that suits you best. Center your attention on things that satisfy you most to design your perfect man cave. Keep your man cave functional and expressive to your individual self!

If you enjoyed this post give it a like and go have a beer! Consider checking out my previous  post “Your Guide to Wall Art” to get an idea of what to hang in your man cave.

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