Bedroom Essentials

Your bedroom is the most important part when it comes to designing, because its your own sanctuary. Even though most guests are not peeking into your bedroom it should still be designed with as much care as the rest of the house. Bedrooms should have a calming environment that want to make you sit back and relax. A well designed bedroom will enable a better ambiance that makes your nights just that much more restful. Lets talk more about how we can create that stress free oasis of a bedroom!


Function is a key element when it comes to designing your bedroom, because it needs to work with you and your lifestyle. Consider thinking about how you will constantly use the space – are you hanging out, sleeping, or is this your wardrobes home? If you’re hanging out in your bedroom you might want to add a seating area where you can relax and binge watch Netflix. If you’re just sleeping in your bedroom you will probably only need the basics – a bed and nightstands.  If you’re bedroom is your place where your wardrobe lives, then you’ll want to add more furniture such as, a few dressers and maybe a walk in closet for the ladies! Function is an important element in designing your bedroom because it allows an individual to meet their goals in their desired space.  

Color & Texture

These elements set the mood for your sanctuary. Let those colors speak for you developing a space that represents you at your highest point of relaxation. Neutrals such as whites and beiges bring about that calm sense of being, while darker colors offer a tenser space in my opinion – this part is all about personal preference! Adding texture to your bedroom will give it character and allow the space to come to life!


Adding décor to your bedroom is a tedious task. While we want to make the bedroom expressive we don’t want too add to much to overwhelm and clutter the space. Add simple tchotchkes and wall art that pull the room together along with plants creating a fresh and tranquil atmosphere. Check out my previous blog, “Your Guide to Wall Art” for my take on wall art.

Photo by Isaac Martin on Unsplash

Designing a bedroom is important because it offers an environment where you can sit back and relax away from all the crazy! Following these three elements will enable your bedroom to look and feel like your perfect haven!

What do you consider bedroom essentials? Let me know in the comments below! Check out “Bedroom Essentials to Create the Dreamiest Space” by Eye Swoon for more insight.

5 thoughts on “Bedroom Essentials

  1. These rooms seem really chill. You have a great eye for line and contrast. I love it. I am going to check out the blog that you referred to on wall art, since I need some help with that, too. Thanks!


  2. I liked this and the “wall art” post as it gives me some motivation to focus some of my energy on my own personal space, instead of just the “public facing” areas.


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