The Perfect Rug

Finding the perfect rug is often difficult for most individuals. Looks can be deceiving – too big, too small, too textured, or not enough. There are many ways to implement a rug within your space, and all spaces require something different. Let’s talk through the best tips when it comes to adding rugs to your space!

Consider the space you will be implementing the rug in and think about how the room is used. Every room is used differently and has different amounts of traffic, so think about how much wear and tear the rug is likely to get. For example, a living room might call for a strong, durable rug since majority of foot traffic is through that space, while a guest bedroom might benefit from a more fine rug. Be sure no matter the room, invest in something that is good quality and can maintain longevity. Some of the most important components in choosing a rug are:

  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Size

Choosing a rug for your space, color-wise, you will want to pick out colors that are already within the space. Take note of what color your couch, throw pillows, or wall art is and keep an eye out for a rug that parallels those objects. This could be your chance to add that vibrancy you were too afraid to add before! While you don’t need to be so “matchy” make sure it is consistent and fits with the style of the space. An individual can ultimately choose a rug with specific colors that can brighten a dark space and create a more inviting one!

If a rug you are considering has patterns and designs be sure it is still consistent with the theme. However, patterns and designs can go out of style, so be sure to purchase a rug that is timeless and won’t bore you after a few months.

Measuring the size of your space is very important before purchasing – you don’t want a rug that will over crowd or be too small. Sometimes what looks like the perfect fit will often shock you when you lay it out in your home, so be sure you take the correct measurements. You want to develop something that attracts the human eye, but also pulls the room together giving it a seamless look.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Put time and effort into picking your rug out because this can really make or break your space. A rug transforms the room and can really make a space come to life!

If you enjoyed this read leave a comment below or follow me on my socials for more interior design tips and check out my previous blog “Best Retailers for Design” to find your favorite rug. Consider checking out “Broken Symmetry” by Athena Calderon for her take on rugs.

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