Your Guide to Wall Art

Wall art can be used to compliment your space through its self-expression. This is the part that really ties the room together, so it is important you get it right! Wall art can be easy to pick out and simple to install, but placement and how an individual implements these pieces of art into their home can be tough. If you’re looking for the perfect wall art to bring the finishing touches to your home this will be your guide.


Determining the amount of space you have before choosing your wall art is important, you will want to consider this before purchasing any artwork. Large walls can be used for statement pieces that will tie the room together, so opt for large scale pieces. A gallery wall with multiple pieces of art that compliment each other in different sizes and colors is another option that can be used on both small or large walls. If you’re working with an awkward space that needs the slightest bit of attraction, consider using smaller frames with vibrant prints.


Focusing on a particular style when choosing wall art is the simplest and most popular way to do so. An individual will want to select pieces that complement the décor you already have which allows the space to maintain consistency, but greatly enhance the ambiance. A few popular styles include modern or contemporary styles, retro or vintage styles, bohemian styles, or traditional styles. While sticking to a genre eases the process, remember there is no formula you must follow, so have fun and mix and match, but make it complimentary!


Depending on the space you are working with wall art generally comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. You will want to work in odd numbers when hanging your art pieces. Large statement pieces will generally be hung by themselves, medium sized pieces will generally be hung in sets of 3, and smaller pieces can be hung in sets of 3 or 5. Check out my previous blog to better understand the 3’s and 5’s rule. When working with multiple pieces you will want to leave a small gap in between the art and be sure it is centered above the furniture. Sizing can be the trickiest part of purchasing wall art, but get out that tape measure to make life easier and get to work!

The three S’s; Space, Style, and Size are significant when it comes to wall art. These will make life simpler in choosing the best pieces that will bring your space to life!

If you enjoyed this read leave a comment on the best way to pick out your wall out and follow me on my socials for more interior design tips! Consider checking out How to Choose Wall Art for Your Space by the true expert herself, Joanna Gaines, for more tips on choosing wall art!

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