Designing Your Shoebox

When it comes to designing a small space or a “shoebox” it can be a tricky puzzle to solve. Most individuals want to fit the most items possible without looking cluttered, cramped, or chaotic. You do not need to sacrifice style to adjust to the size of your home. Turns out, it is possible to have a small space that is STILL STYLISH & CHIC! Let’s talk further about how you can achieve that sense of style in your shoebox!


Small spaces often offer little to no lighting creating a space that is constantly dark. Using the right lighting in the right places can really amplify the space and make up for lost natural light. Implement striking ceiling fixtures that offer a chic look to maintain style – use a charming pendant light or flush mounts. Lighting can also be easily achieved with tasteful sconces, table lamps, or a floor lamp to gain a cozy atmosphere. 

Photo by Laurence Katz on Unsplash

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

Since most small places do not offer a ton of lighting, mirrors help an individual get the most out of what lighting you do have by reflecting it around the room. Mirrors offer an illusion of depth which allows your space to have a bigger feel to it. It may be beneficial to line a wall with a large mirror; behind a couch or a dining room table, or create a gallery of mirrors that all have different dimensions, while maintaining a constant theme.

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

Keep it Consistent

Small spaces can already look cramped and chaotic – avoid that by keeping it consistent. Make sure everything fits within the space – it’s important to create a good flow. Stick to a limited color scheme, whether it’s light and neutral or dark and full of personality be sure it is cohesive. Consider checking out my previous blog “7 Elements of Design” to better assist in this process. 

Play with Dimension

Playing with scale is your best friend in this design process – you do not always need to use small furniture and décor to fit in your small space. Considering using a few statement pieces that will draw the eye. You can use regular size furniture and large art to fill the room, you will just need fewer pieces. These bigger pieces that offer a statement will provide an organized and open space allowing the room to come to life!

Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

Designing your shoebox can be similar to a game of Tetris! These are just a few ideas to help assist you in the process of creating your best small space! 

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