What’s Hot & What’s Not

Interior design trends are boundless and diverse, more significantly they are ever-changing and constantly evolving. Essentially, these home trends come and go as quick as you can snap your fingers. Incorporating these up to date trends to our own personal aesthetic can add a breath of fresh air to our spaces. Here are a few of these fad trends that are up and coming!

A Cozy Corner

Most individuals want to add a quiet space to their homes developing a cozy corner where you can sit back and relax. Rather than adding all neutrals which is a hot commodity and will continue to be, individuals are looking to add moody colors such as different shades of green and blue. Implementing these colors offer a bit more of an expressive area – you can make it unique to you! Adding gold finishes to this corner will really make it pop and develop a space that has the best ambiance!

A Chic Bar

Whether it’s a dainty gold bar cart with an accent wall to a full chic bar, these are trending! Find a mid size bar cart or construct a small nook that will allow you to add this to your space. Paint the area a bold color, add texture to the wall, and throw in some simple accents to make the space come to life. Add your favorite cocktail glasses, ranging from wine to champagne to a classic whiskey glass. Lastly, don’t forget the most important, part decorate with your alcohol, whether it be on shelves or just floating on the counter top bring it together so your chic little bar will make a statement.

Chromatic Addict

Ditch those beige and neutral ambiances and dare to be different! Incorporate those dark saturated colors from sage greens to those soothing blues and even rich browns – earthy tones are in! Adding texture to those colors such as patterns or even wall paper are making comebacks and will pull it all together. Be bold with the color you implement around your home it offers vibrancy, and may add some joy to your life – colors define mood!

Vintage Pieces

Incorporating those vintage finds into your home will make it uniquely yours. Not only do these vintage pieces make your space unique, they offer gusto to your space. For those DIYer’s out there hit the thrift shop and find your favorite vintage item that will fit well in your space and resurface it – make something old into something new! Adding these custom pieces into your home will develop a personal aesthetic!

Keeping up to date with the latest trends can be difficult if your home is already fully furnished. Incorporating some of these trends can offer life to spaces that may be lacking. Start simple and take a day to paint a wall if you need change in your life – it can serve as a stress reliever!

If you enjoyed this read give it a like and check out this Blog that can offer some insight on the latest kitchen trends. If you’re unsure on how to develop a good design flow when adding these trends, refer to a previous blog of mine 7 Elements of Design.

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