3’s & 5’s

The number one interior design rule is 3’s and 5’s, at least in my book of design. Decorating in these sequences is the heart and soul of creating a constant theme and maintaining a flow throughout an individual’s space. Remaining consistent to a theme is a good way to tell a well developed story that adds value. Let me give you a better definition of what that is all supposed to mean.

From wall décor to table décor, maintain consistency. Using the 3’s and 5’s method will enable a course of uniformity throughout a space. When things are arranged in odd numbers it is more appealing, memorable, and more effective than arranging in even numbers. It almost makes it more interesting when things are displayed in odd numbers!

Pick out a few objects that match, but are all different in size and color – this is the easiest way to follow the rule. An individual can follow this rule in any form whether it be through objects, furniture, colors, lighting, and art pieces. Grouping these in odd numbers tend to be more dynamic and commonplace. This rule can be applied to other areas that create aesthetic ambiances too!

Laying out décor in a specific sequence pulls a meaning and develops a story to be told. A designer will use décor objects that are specific to how an individual prefers their space. Placing these items under the 3’s and 5’s rule is how those stories really come to life. There are so many different ways to tell stories throughout a home, and these stories can be told in the simplest ways.

Pieces of art can be deeper than just a frame hanging on a wall, perhaps it can define an individual’s persona. Implementing family history can create a vast majority of stories that can bring about fond memories. Use your interests to develop a story by making it boho, contemporary, chic, or whatever your heart desires – make it personal to you!

Using what you care about and what you love turns into a powerful story that can be shared in every space of your home. This is a business of story tellers and the greatest story tellers win!

If you enjoyed this read give it a like! Check out my previous blog “Inanimate Objects Can Make Your Space Come to Life” to grasp more ideas on how stories are developed through design! I also recommend giving EyeSwoon a read, it offers great insight on how objects can bring soul into your home!

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